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Plumberow 'Health Police' (including the Pupil Safety Champions!)

Plumberow’s Health Police
The Plumberow Health Police are going to be looking at Healthy Living. They will be discussing ideas on how to help pupils make healthy choices, improve the approach to Healthy Eating and monitoring the clubs on offer at Plumberow. 
They will also monitor Healthy Provision in school - monitoring food choices, school lunches and extra-curricular clubs.

Update - July 2016
In April, Plumberow received the Healthy Schools status once again after completing the Benchmarking Document.. Following this, the group have been working on producing an action plan for the Enhanced Status which is the next level up. This has to include measurable data and percentages and it will also include work in hand targeted on groups of pupils as well as whole school. Data has been taken from the whole school pupil survey, Health Police spot checks and tally charts collated by staff in KS2 (re. healthy snacks).
This action plan is a working document and is set to be addressed over a period of 18 months to 2 years. Once complete, a school 'story', together with other supporting evidence will be submitted. If successful, we will be awarded Enhanced Healthy Schools Status!

Autumn Term

posted 7 Sep 2016, 01:08 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 7 Sep 2016, 01:09 ]

Work by the Health Police will resume shortly when the new team for 2016-2017 is announced!

Week Ending 8th July

posted 7 Jul 2016, 06:00 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 7 Jul 2016, 06:02 ]

In their final meeting, the Health Police carried out a Health & Safety audit, looking at possible dangers around the school!
Armed with their i-pads, they photographed any possible dangers which will now be reported to the site manager for action.

Healthy Eating Lunchbox Competition Winners!

posted 23 Jun 2016, 10:25 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 23 Jun 2016, 10:26 ]

As promised, this week the Health Police presented the winners and runners up of the Healthy Lunchbox competition with their prizes!

Foundation & KS1!


Healthy Eating/Living Week - June 2016!

posted 19 Jun 2016, 02:29 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 19 Jun 2016, 07:45 ]

The Health Police organised a Healthy Eating/Living Week to promote Healthy lifestyles!
There was a competition to design (in any format) a Healthy Lunchbox and a daily challenge set!

Foundation took part in Yoga Workshops!

  more information can be found, here!

Mrs Myall's Class trying different breakfast food!

more information can be found, here! 

Mrs Carr's Class had a 'Snack Attack'!

more information can be found, here!

Week Ending 17th June

posted 16 Jun 2016, 11:53 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 17 Jun 2016, 07:07 ]

'This week, the Health Police were busy judging the 'design a healthy lunchbox' competition. 
The winners and runners up will be announced in the Celebration Assemblies next week!

We would like to thank you all for taking part in Healthy Eating Week. We hope you have been keeping track of your five healthy challenges. Please send in your completed evidence sheets, on Monday, in order to claim your certificate. 
Thank you to all of those pupils who designed a Healthy Lunchbox. We loved looking at your ideas. The winners and runners up will be announced during the two celebration assemblies next week. 
Many thanks,The Health Police'

Healthy Lunchbox Competition!

Week Ending 10th June

posted 9 Jun 2016, 09:50 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 10 Jun 2016, 01:23 ]

This week, the Health Police gave a presentation at both Celebration assemblies to launch Healthy Eating Week!

Week Ending 27th May

posted 26 May 2016, 06:19 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 26 May 2016, 06:19 ]

'This week, we spent our meeting time discussing our forthcoming assembly and Healthy Living Week!'

Week Ending 20th May

posted 19 May 2016, 08:51 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 20 May 2016, 05:33 ]

'This week, the Health Police have been concentrating on the safety of the Plumberow pupils by looking at the 
driving and parking happening around the school in the mornings!
We hope that everyone who has to drive to school is aware of the importance of driving and parking 
considerately around the school premises! 
We need to make sure that everyone is safe!'

'On Thursday 19th May we carried out a traffic safety walk around the school area. We took the iPads so we could take photos of inconsiderate parking and driving. We were surprised by what we found. Here are some examples:
                    Tyres mounting the pavements
                    Parking on corners/bends
                    Blocking resident’s driveways
                    Cars going too fast
                    Insufficient reverse lights
                    Cars not using their indicators when moving
                    Cars parked on double yellow lines
                    Double parking
                    Children riding on scooters without helmets.
We are going to keep this evidence and present their photos and notes to our governors to see whether we can address any of these issues. We want to make Plumberow a safer place for all. We would really appreciate your support.'(report from the Health Police)

Week Ending 13th May

posted 12 May 2016, 06:08 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 12 May 2016, 06:08 ]

This week, the Health Police were joined by Mrs Hope who helped them arrange their 
'parking patrol' which will be taking place next week!

Week Ending 6th May

posted 5 May 2016, 06:22 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 5 May 2016, 06:25 ]

This week the Health Police worked in the ICT suite, researching ideas online for activity ideas for Healthy Eating week in June! 
These were then recorded on a grid to be shared.
We also talked about the need to carry out further road traffic patrols around the school before and after school!

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