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Pupil Council 'Blog'!

Week Ending 14th July

posted 12 Jul 2017, 00:34 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 12 Jul 2017, 00:34 ]

'A group of Pupil Councillors met with the Premises and Health & Safety Committee of the Governing Body where they reported on the traffic surveys they had conducted. They shared their ideas of how to improve the safety and to reduce the amount of traffic around the school, especially at drop-off and pick-up times. The Governors also shared their opinions on how to make it safer around the school.
As it was their last Pupil Council meeting, Mrs Guy thanked the councilors for their hard work throughout the year with a cookie.
The Pupil Council and Mrs Guy are proud of all they have achieved this year!'

Week Ending 23rd June

posted 23 Jun 2017, 09:11 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 23 Jun 2017, 09:12 ]

The Pupil Councillors had a good look around the Over 55's Club minibus when it came to Plumberow!
The Over 55's club received some of the donations from our Christmas performances, which was used towards the cost of this fantastic new minibus!

Week Ending 12th May

posted 10 May 2017, 07:14 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 10 May 2017, 07:15 ]

'Discussions regarding the lunchtime clubs continued this week at our meeting!'

Week Ending 5th May

posted 3 May 2017, 10:46 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 3 May 2017, 10:46 ]

'In our meeting this week we began to discuss the pupil survey regarding the success of the lunchtime clubs. 
These are still being shared with our classes and the feedback will continue next week.'

Week Ending 28th April

posted 27 Apr 2017, 10:15 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 27 Apr 2017, 10:15 ]

'In our first meeting of the Summer Term we wrote a short pupil survey about the success of the lunchtime clubs. 
We are going to share these with our classes and then feedback next week.'

Week Ending 31st March

posted 29 Mar 2017, 06:10 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 30 Mar 2017, 11:42 ]

'This week during our meeting, we looked at the photographs of our trip to the Houses of Parliament.The oldest part of the building is Westminster Hall and it is over 900 years old. However, the Education Centre was only built in 2015. We had a very good day. 
We then talked about our next traffic survey which years 5 and 2 did. 
At the back of the school, we saw lots of bad parking that made it dangerous for people to cross the road. Some cars were parked on the pavements and some were on the corner of the road so other cars found it difficult to turn around and to see safely down the road. 
At the front of the school, we didn’t find any parents who drove too fast, parked on double yellow lines or blocked any driveways. It was much better because there was no bad parking and hopefully it will stay like this. 
We also received a letter and some photos from the Hockley and Hawkwell Over 55’s Club thanking us for our donation towards their new minibus. Hopefully, Mrs. Guy will take us to see it soon.'
(report by George Key)






Week Ending 10th March

posted 8 Mar 2017, 05:17 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 8 Mar 2017, 05:18 ]

'This week, the Pupil Councilors who are visiting The Houses of Parliament discussed questions 
they would ask and information they would request to share with the rest of the councilors and school!'

Week Ending 3rd March

posted 28 Feb 2017, 09:52 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 11 Mar 2017, 05:13 ]

'A lady came in to talk to everyone in our assemblies this week about Little Havens. She told us about the work they do and how they will use the money we donated to them from our Christmas Performances. We are hoping to visit Little Havens later on in the year
This week, the Year 6 and Year 1 Pupil Councillors also did an early morning traffic patrol. Unfortunately, they saw some parents parking dangerously and some that were driving too fast! 
This is unacceptable because we need to keep Plumberow safe!'

Week Ending 24th February

posted 22 Feb 2017, 00:09 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 09:54 ]

'This week, with help from the Junior Leadership Team and the High 5s, we gave a presentation both the KS1 and KS2 assemblies.'

Week Ending 10th February

posted 9 Feb 2017, 05:45 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 9 Feb 2017, 05:45 ]

'In our meeting this week, we wrote an e-mail to the Dog's Trust. 
We also did more work on our assemblies and wrote the order for the lunchtime equipment. We are ordering some long skipping ropes, 
cars and people for the outside dolls house.
Our assemblies will now be on Monday 20th February. Mrs Guy has arranged for Little Havens to take the assemblies on 27th February.'

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