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Pupil Council

The Plumberow Primary Academy Pupil Council is a group of students who represent the ‘voice’ of all the children in the Academy. They encourage the adults at the Academy to listen to their ideas and opinions, so that they can work together to ‘make the best better!’ The council democratically decide on the joint projects that they would like to be involved with during the year and then they put these ideas into action. In recent years the council have successfully designed an adventure trail, influenced the themes taught within the curriculum, presented assemblies, met with local councils and the Governing Body, produced a leaflet for parents regarding ‘Road Safety’ and re-zoned the playground.

Academic Year 2016-17
Week Ending 14th October
'The Pupil Council is now up and running! We have two representatives from each class (years 1 - 6).  Isabella is our new Chairperson, Toby is the secretary and Lacey is our treasurer.
Our first  project is to improve the lunchtime clubs available through the winter. We are all very keen to start improving our school!'

All the Pupil Councillors-2016-2017!

 Pupil Councillors Class
Grace Garrett and Alice Murphy
Year 1 - Mrs Atherton
Caitlin Myall and Noah CarterYear 1 - Mrs Cross
 Lucas Griffin and Anna HibbinsYear 1 - Mrs Turner/Mrs Curtis
Isabelle Boxall and Hayden AutyYear 2 - Miss B Jones 
 Owen Pitt and Lucy BloomfieldYear 2 - Mrs Bolton
Abigail Richardson and Jack StovellYear 2 - Mr Baldwin 
Tristan Bonser and Ivy BlackshawYear 3 - Mrs Dickerson
George Dixon and Mitchell HawksYear 3 - Mr Buckle
Alexa Myall and Holly SmithYear 3 - Mrs Warner/Mrs Marjurum
George Key and Frankie GoldingYear 4 - Mrs Jeans/Mrs Jestico
Paris Gibb-Roche and Teddy DormanYear 4 - Miss Ellis
Violet Harris and Shaun CliftonYear 4 - Mr Vaughan
Charlie North and Holly WhitcombYear 5 - Mrs Carr
Thomas Bolton and Dana WardYear 5 - Miss Jones
Mia Claxton and Katie ButlerYear 5 - Mrs Roberts
 Toby Wadsworth and Lacey MillsYear 6 - Mrs Guy
Isabella Vitney and Oliver BonserYear 6 - Mrs Bailey 
Kea Heuston and Roxy BewleyYear 6 - Miss Bailey         

New Project!
A number of the Pupil Councillors visited the Hockley and Hawkwell 55+ Club to speak with them about 
their minibus which they are hoping to replace. The Centre have already raised a substantial amount of money but still need to raise some more.
The Pupil Councillors enjoyed speaking with the organisers, volunteers and visitors at the Day Centre. (They also enjoyed the drink and biscuit and then the lift back to Plumberow in their old minibus as it was raining! 
The Pupil Council will now discuss ways of trying to raise funds which can be donated to the Day Centre and used for this very worthwhile cause!

 'We Did Our Bit in a Christmas Knit'!!
Plumberow joined in with the Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day! A group of Pupil Councillors organised the publicity etc and the majority of pupils (and staff) looked STUNNING in their Christmas attire!

Meeting the SMT

The Pupil Council met with the Plumberow Senior Manageme
nt Team!

Buddy Benches
More painting! - Getting there!

Buddy Bench Painting 2

The Pupil Council, in consultation with the rest of the pupils at Plumberow, have designed new buddy benches for the playground. In order to make these stand out from the rest of the benches, they have spent their money on two large benches and have created the back plaques to match our rainbow mural. The arches are being decorated by the Pupil Councilors using their handprints to form the 7 sections of the rainbow. The benches will be completed so that the backs are nailed to the bench and then they will be unveiled on the playground!

Buddy Benches


The Pupil Council had a fun meeting .... trying out Plumberow's newest addition ... the Playwall!!

Pupil Council 2014-2015! 

 Pupil Councillor  Class
 Samuel Harris Mrs Turner
 Ella Sullivan Mrs Myall
 Mollie Jenkins Miss Renn
Violet Harris Miss B Jones 
 Alfie Patey Mrs Warner/Mrs Marjurum 
Gracey Shepherd Mrs Bolton 
Thomas Malliff Miss Smith/Mrs Bache 
Ashlee Trott Mrs Dickerson
Georgina Harris Mr Buckle
Ruby Hawkins Miss Ellis
Olivia Millard Mr Kitchen
Kasper McKinnon Mrs Armitage 
Devon Higgs Mrs Guy
Sam Randall Miss Jones
Robert Churn Miss Farrah 
 Richie Bitmead Mrs Paterson 
Meg Wastell Miss Talbut 
Alarna Baker Mrs Bailey            
Latest News!
When Mark Francois MP visited Plumberow he was very interested in finding about the Pupil Council and their role within the academy. The Pupil Council also had the opportunity to ask him questions. Mark Francois then walked around the academy after sitting with children in the dinner hall, speaking with pupils and adults!
 A great insight into the life of an MP!



Our pupil council mural project has been a great success and we are very proud that our own design has been made a reality. We think that it has brightened up the toilet block and made the playground a more attractive space.

For our next project we are joining forces with the Eco-Warriors in the hope of installing a ‘Playwall’.


Mural Work!

(more photos added) Work began on the mural on the side of the toilet block! Under the guidance of the Pupil Council the Mural Artist, Nik Vaughn, made a start! The Pupil Council also did their bit with the rest of Plumberow 
looking on in awe and wonder at the Masterpiece!
When pupils returned after the Easter Break, the mural was finished!

The Pupil Council Action Plan for 2013-2014, can be viewed/downloaded, here!

The pupil council is an important way that children can make a difference at Plumberow Primary Academy.

Pupil Councillors present cheques to 2 Charities following donations from Christmas Performances!

A Non-Uniform Day raised £628.76! This money will be put towards the mural work planned for the toilet block! Thank you for your contributions!


Pupil Council Latest News

Every week, the Pupil Council meet to make our school even better. Over the past few weeks we have set our main priorities for the year:- a mural of the school rules for the playground, setting up lunchtime buddies, offer a wider variety of clubs and improve school dinners. We are also discussing different fundraising events, organising a non-school uniform day for the 22nd November and we have met with different teachers about the mural and the school dinners.

At each meeting, we fill in our Class Council Boards that we then share with our class at the end of each meeting.


When the Pupil Council decided to raise money for the NSPCC, a sponsored walk during our Olympic week seemed ideal!

The sponsored walk was enjoyed by all, but more importantly, raised over a staggering £3,900!!! A representative from the NSPCC delivered the fantastic news at special assemblies! Thank you to everyone who helped raise so much!

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