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Plumberow Garden

Are you having a Garden Clearout? If you are having a clear out of your garage or shed over the summer, please think of us!
We at Plumberow are taking a keen interest in gardening and wildlife, but need your help. So therefore, we are after anything you no longer need. Please look at our wish list to see if you can help.
Please bring in any items during the second week of the new academic year.
Many Thanks!!!

Our Wish List...
  • herbs (for the Year 5 Tudor Garden)
  • plant pots (any size)
  • bird feeders/boxes
  • bug boxes
  • seeds
  • soil
  • old trellis
  • bamboo canes/screening
  • old garden ornaments

  • wind chimes
  • masonry/decking paint
  • paint brushes
  • child friendly gardening tools
  • gardening gloves
  • old tree stumps
  • string and cable ties
  • outdoor seating/benches
  • fishing nets

Spring Planting!

posted 3 Mar 2016, 01:47 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 3 Mar 2016, 01:47 ]

The Gardening Club have been busy planting some colour around Plumberow and making sure the ground is ready for further plants over the next few weeks!

Looking Good - Thank You!

Chicken House!

posted 10 Nov 2015, 08:54 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 10 Nov 2015, 09:09 ]

We have a new addition to one of our Garden Areas - a Chicken House! This was purchased with the monies raised from the 'Chick' photos last year. All mod cons ... including an electronic door! The house is currently empty ... 'residents' move in next spring!

The Photos!

The Electronic Door!

Spring 2014

posted 15 Mar 2014, 02:02 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 15 Mar 2014, 02:02 ]

It seems that Spring is even closer and more preparations took place in the Plumberow Garden Areas!
KS2 Gardeners completed a Tidy Up (grounds and shed), Cutting Back the Preparing the beds and soil for planting! 
The day started in fog, but as the day (and work) progressed, the sun shone!!

Well Done! - A HUGE improvement!

Plumberow Gardening Day - March 2014

Plumberow Garden

posted 15 Mar 2014, 01:53 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 15 Mar 2014, 01:56 ]

The Gardening Club are keen to get out into the Plumberow Garden and flower beds! Hopefully, the weather will soon improve so that more planting can begin!

Also, the 'bottle greenhouse' is almost finished! (a shared project with the Eco Warriors!)

Spring is just Around the Corner (hopefully!)

Garden - February 2014

Gardening Day - July 3013

posted 26 Feb 2014, 02:44 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 26 Feb 2014, 02:47 ]

The Gardening Club spent a very busy (and hot) day, harvesting their crops, cooking and tasting their produce and generally clearing and tidying their garden areas around school. The 'bottle greenhouse' is also taking shape!

Gardening Day - July 2013

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