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Junior Leadership Team

Powerful Learning at Plumberow Academy!
Since the start of the Autumn Term, the children in the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) have been working hard on creating a video to showcase the 'Powerful Learning' that happens daily here at Plumberow Primary Academy!
The Junior Leadership Team meet weekly with Miss B. Jones. This year, their focus has been to raise the profile of the Arts at our academy and the children decided to create a whole school video to promote not only the Arts but also the other features that make our academy special.
The JLT canvassed the opinions of every pupil throughout the school as well as our staff. Pupils were asked 'What makes learning Powerful at Plumberow?' and the children incorporated these ideas when concentrating on the focus for the video. The video is clearly something that the children in the JLT should feel very proud of as they have worked alongside adults and their peers and have learnt new skills in creating, producing and editing media projects.

Here's a message from our JLT - 

'We are really proud of our achievements in creating this promotional video. We hope that it will show everyone who visits our website just how proud we are to be pupils here at Plumberow. We would like to say a big thank you to our Head Teacher, Mr Barton for supporting us and our ideas for this video. We would also like to thank 

Miss Marney for her production and filming skills in helping us film and organise our video.
We hope you enjoy watching how powerful learning is at our academy.'

Toby, Molly, Nathan and Grace - Junior Leadership Team 

Junior Leadership Team - 2017-2018
The team for 2017-2018!

Junior Leadership Team - 2016-2017
The team for 2016-2017

Junior Leadership Team - 2015-2016 

The team for 2015/2016 

Junior Leadership Team - 2014-2015 
Congratulations to the Junior Leadership Team 2014-2015!
                                              Head Boy - Sam Carter                                  Head Girl - Annelise Magrath
                                  Deputy Head Boy - Callum Clark-Smith         Deputy Head Girl - Imogen Reynell

Another role for The Junior Leadership Team is to work closely with other groups within Plumberow including the one involved in Healthy Schools.

Congratulations to the newly appointed Junior Leadership team for 2013-2014, consisting of a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl! 
The new members will continue the work set in place by last years team, working alongside various staff as well as having an ambassadorial role. 
         (This is completely separate to the roles of the Pupil Council).


                                                           Handing over The Reins!                                        The team for 2013/2014   
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