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Forest Schools

The Hockley Parish Council have very kindly donated £540 to get our 'Forest Schools' project off the ground!
Updates to this very exciting initiative will be posted in due course!

Forest Schools - Follow-Up Work!

posted 19 Jun 2015, 09:38 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 19 Jun 2015, 09:48 ]

Year 1 pupils certainly enjoyed their first Forest Schools session in Beckney Woods! 
They produced some FANTASTIC follow-up work from it back at Plumberow!
(as it is difficult to see the writing of these examples of the children's work, this is what it says and how it was presented!)
'On Monday we went to Beckney Woods. When we got there we found our base camp. Sue told us some instructions and some rules. After we found our base camp. Then Sue talked about the Schu Schu people and we made a den for them. We could of visited the Schu Schu people but the dragon destroyed the village. After I looked at the other childrens dens'.


'On Monday 15th of June we went to Beckney Woods for our first Forest School session. We met a woman called Sue. She explained rules. We went to the woods and then we went to base camp. Sue told us places where we shouldn't go. She explained about the Schu Schu people. We built houses for the Schu Schu people to save them from the big bad dragon. I made a friendship bracelet. We had lots of fun. It was fab. We liked everything. We had so much fun. It was amazing. We saw lots of trees'.

Ist Session!

posted 16 Jun 2015, 04:13 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 16 Jun 2015, 04:14 ]

In the first of the Year 1 Forest Schools sessions, children made friendship bracelets and 'rebuilt' villages for the imaginary 'Schu Schu' people!

Great Opportunities!

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