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Eco Warriors!

The Eco Warriors gave a presentation at assemblies, explaining to KS1 and KS2 pupils their ideas and their roles!             

Look at the photos and watch and listen to the video!

The Eco Warriors have been busy at their first meetings!


Congratulations to the new team of Eco Warriors for this year!

We love being ‘green’ so much that we have just gone silver! (Eco Warriors in the Newspaper!)

Rochford District Council and Plumberow Primary Academy have been working together to create recycled art and decorations to encourage children to recycle, reuse and think about what they can do to become ‘greener’.

They are obviously doing a fantastic job as the schools Eco Club have now been awarded Silver Status for the Eco Schools Programme.

Pupils from the Eco Club used their passion to reuse and recycle along with their imaginations to paint and decorate used plastic bottles and turn them into a group of brightly coloured recycled flowers. They also used old CDs, beads and buttons to create hanging decorations which catch and reflect the sunlight. Both are now proudly on display on the school’s garden fence.

But the Eco warriors have not stopped there, the school playground also  plays host to a very impressive recycled greenhouse. The students saved all of their empty plastic bottles which they built into the old frame of a used greenhouse that they now use for all of their plants, fruits and vegetables.

One of the newer projects the students are working on is re-using wood from fallen trees which has been donated to the school. The wood is being used to create ornamental wooden owls which would be a welcomed decoration to any home. Read More ...

Eco Warriors proudly displaying their ‘Silver’ Status certificate for the Eco Schools Programme

Plumberow Primary Academy has now been awarded a Silver Eco Award. The Eco Award is an international award program that guides schools on a sustainable journey.
Our Action Plan outlining the work planned towards the Gold Award can be viewed/downloaded, here!

Our group of Eco Warriors continue to help carry out audits to assess the environmental performance of Plumberow and then make action plans for us to achieve the next award. Every class has an Eco Warrior Representative from year 1 to year 6, so they can ensure their class is upholding the Eco Award Values.

If you would like to find out more about the Eco Award, please check out their website: http://www.keepbritaintidy.org/ecoschools/

                                          The Eco Warrior Team!

  The certificate can be viewed, HERE!                                               

My favourite things about being an Eco Warrior - (By the Eco Warriors - July 2013!)

“My favourite thing was making the bottle greenhouse” Cherise

“My favourite thing about Eco Club was making the bottle greenhouse and making the Eco posters.  I also liked collecting the green leaves on our treasure hunt.” Isabelle 

“I am an Eco Warrior.  Eco Warriors recycle things.  My favourite thing about the Eco Club was making new friends like Honor, Lily-Mae, Estelle, Connor, Spencer and Bobby.” Olivia

“My favourite thing about being an Eco Warrior was making the Eco greenhouse.” Bobby

"My favourite thing about being an Eco Warrior has been building a bottle greenhouse because we worked really hard on it.” 

“I am an Eco Warrior.  This year my favourite thing in Eco Club was making the plastic bottle greenhouse.  The best thing about Eco Club iwas making new friends.” Honor

Eco Award Action Plan - July 2013

Eco Award Action Plan - March 2013


Eco Warrior Daniel Harrin has been VERY busy putting together some information about the Eco Warriors work through the past year! The result can be viewed, here! This is an interactive pdf which will be a download rather than open on the website.

Eco Warrior Owls!


 Take a look at our owls!!!                  


Garden Decorations

Now the decorations are waterproof, Eco Warriors displayed them around the garden areas!

                                                          Looking Fantastic!!


Eco Warriors-May 2014

The Eco Warriors were visited by Rochford District Council Recycling Department in May.

The Warriors discussed their plans and their achievements around Plumberow. 

They then created some fantastic decorations for the Garden areas, using plastic bottles and old CDs!  

Work on the decorations will continue with them being made waterproof before they are placed around the school!

Animals in Our Environment!


 Mrs Smart arranged and purchased the adoption of a Dolphin on behalf of The Eco Warriors! Monies from these                      adoptions supports the looking after of animals in our environment. These particular dolphins are found off the coast               of Wales.
  The Eco Warriors plan to hold some more fund raising events later this year to possibly adopt another animal
  (poster created by Daniel Harrin - Eco Warrior. For an enlarged version click on the picture or follow this link!)

  More Dolphin Facts and Cartoons can be found, here!

Our Environment!

The Eco Warriors will be tackling the environment around Plumberow over the next few months!

BEFORE!                                                                                AFTER! (watch this space!)


                                                                                                                        (With help from the Pupil Council)

Eco News!

Celebrate a 'Green' Christmas!! Check out these links for some hints and tips ...



Recycling Week!

It is very true that one man's rubbish is another man's treasure as pupils found out during recycling week!
Everyone had a very creative time, creating new things from recyclable materials as well as swapping books, CDs and DVDs. Plumberow was also visited by Rochford Council and members of The Mushroom Theatre, who entertained by inviting groups of children to make musical instruments from 'rubbish'. The groups then performed to the rest of their Key Stage!

All part of National Recycle Week!

Recycling Week 2013

 KS1 pupils who took part in the STOMP workshop during Recycling week, were awarded their certificates in assembly!! - Well Done!!


We are attempting to make a greenhouse out of 2litre and 250ml plastic bottles.We are asking everyone to bring in at least one 2litre and one 250ml bottle into school after the Easter Break! - Thankyou

We are also producing some posters which will be posted around school to remind everyone to recycle and save water.

Meeting held on 19th March 2013

Minutes taken by Sophie Gleed

We had a visit from two members of Rochford Council to talk to us about composting.
Some facts that we found out:

  • You can compost all food waste.
  • You can use the compost to help flowers grow because of the nutrients in it.
  • The council collects our food waste and takes it to a factory to be processed.
  • The process helps the food to rot down quickly.
  • Three things help the rotting process, mini-beasts, worms, micro-organisms and bacteria, moisture and warmth.
Each class will have a small bin in order to collect their food waste. The Eco-warriors will be responsible for emptying these bins into the green and yellow bins on the playground. Please put any leftover food in the green And yellow bins- NO RUBBISH.