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If parents are unhappy with any aspect of the curriculum or any other matter, they should contact the Teacher in the first instance, and thereafter the Headteacher, to discuss the area of concern.

In the unlikely event that this fails to resolve the issue, the following procedure (Section 23 of the Education Reform Act, 1988) comes into operation:
  • The parent (complainant) must write to the Headteacher outlining his/her grievance or cause for dissatisfaction;
  • Efforts should be made by the Headteacher to resolve the complaint(s) informally in the first instance;
  • If the complainant is still dissatisfied, the Headteacher must refer the matter to the Governing Body;
  • Ultimately, parents may complain to the Secretary of State under Section 68 of the Education Act 1944 if they consider the Governing Body is acting, or is proposing to act, unreasonably; or under Section 99 of that Act if they consider it to be in default of any of it's statutory duties.
Plumberow's Concerns Action flow chart can be downloaded as a PDF document here.
More details of our Concerns and Complaints Procedures can be viewed/downloaded here.

National Curriculum and Related Matters
The 1988 Education Act requires the Governing Body to establish a formal complaints procedure relating to:
  • The provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Religious Education and collective worship.
  • Implementation of the National Curriculum.
  • Exceptions or withdrawals from the National Curriculum.
  • Charging Policy
  • The Provision of Information
Complaints under this formal procedure can only be made in respect of the academy Governors if it is felt that they are not doing what the law requires of them.
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