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Forest Schools Follow up work - session 2

posted 26 Jun 2015, 01:05 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 26 Jun 2015, 01:28 ]
Year 1 pupils enjoyed their second Forest Schools session in Beckney Woods just as much as the first despite the rain! 
There was more FANTASTIC follow-up work from it back at Plumberow!
(as it is difficult to see the writing of these examples of the children's work, this is what it says and how it was presented!)
'After Lunch we had our second Forest Schools session. When we got to our base camp we sat down under the shelter. All around the shelter there was mud. After that we finished our house off. Then we made spider webs. We had to lash the three sticks together then we had to find things to put on our spider webs. My favourite part was making spider webs because you had to lash.'(Rowan Mason - Miss Renn's class) 

'On Monday it was the second day of the woods. We found base camp and we went to our den and Sue said we could rebuild our dens. After that we made spider webs and we made it out of string. It was fun. Mostly I liked working with Lois and Scarlet. Next we went to base camp. Finally we went to do our mud faces and it was messy but fun!' (Lacey Claydon - Mrs Myall's class) 


'First of all we walked to Beckney Woods.Next we made 'Schu Schu' houses. Then we built friendship bracelets.' (Alexa Myall - Mrs Turner's class)