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Forest Schools - Session 3 - Follow-Up Work!

posted 24 May 2016, 08:20 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 24 May 2016, 08:40 ]
Following their third Forest Schools session, Year 1 again recorded the event!
Yet again, the weather wasn't very kind to us but it didn't stop our enjoyment!
(as it is difficult to see the writing of these examples of the children's work, this is what it says and how it was presented!)
On Wednesday 18th May we had our third Forest School session. When we got to base camp we went under the tarpaulin. We passed the tacking stick. I said collecting sticks is my favourite. Next we went to find a tree and did Sammy Snake knots and Humpty Dumpty knots. And we got into groups of six and we went off to make our dens. Then Sue tipped water over them. I didn't get wet! I liked building the den with my group. It was fun. We learnt a lot of stuff. I can't wait til next week.
(James Rickard - Mrs Cross' Class)
The Bluebells are dead. It is green now. We had fun. We went to base camp. We built a shelter. We did not get wet. We saw a horse. It was going home. We picked some leaves up and on the way home we were a little bit wet. The mud was muddy in the woods. Some of the bluebells were dying. We had some fun pulling the rope. We had some fun at the woods. We had fun in the rain. Some people rode on the horse.
Leo - Mrs Atherton's Class!
Amelia - Mrs Turner's Class!