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Forest Schools - Session 2 - Follow-Up Work!

posted 13 May 2016, 06:07 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 14 May 2016, 04:34 ]
Following their second Forest Schools session, Year 1 again recorded the event!
Unfortunately, the weather was not very kind to us this week!
(as it is difficult to see the writing of these examples of the children's work, this is what it says and how it was presented!)
'Week 2 - We made the line a centipede.When we got to base camp we saw a shelter and we all went in it. We learnt how to do lashing and we also got to see our Choo Choo peoples homes. We finally got to go home when it was raining and we got to bring our three sticks home.'
Caitlin - Mrs Atherton's Class

'Yesterday on Wednesday we had our second Forest Schools. First we saw our friend Sue then Sue told us the rules. After we had partners and we made lanterns. We hid from Sue and Sue had to find us. We sat on the log and on the mat. We built the Choo Choo peoples houses. I liked the best building the dragon trap.'
Lewis - Mrs Cross' Class 

'First we walked to the woods and at the woods it was pouring it down. Next Sue told us how to lash to do  triangles Then we looked at our dens for the Choo Choo people but our dens were broken. After that we made a new den for the Choo Choo people but we had to put the dens away.'
 Darcie - Mrs Turner's Class