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Science Workshop at Greensward

posted 27 Sep 2016, 10:10 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 30 Sep 2016, 05:21 ]
A group of Year 5&6 pupils from Plumberow joined pupils from Ashingdon, Hockley and Westerings for a science masterclass hosted by Greensward. The challenge was to find out what the pupils thought would make the best firework! They carried out a practical experiment to see if they could predict the colours that the different solutions would give off when burnt! (To end the session, Mr Barker's hand went up in flames!)

'A selection of Year 5 and 6 children from Plumberow, and the other local primary schools, went to Greensward for a Science afternoon. We were set a challenge to find out which metals gave the best colours for fireworks and we tested them using Bunsen burners. We were excited to learn that Copper Sulphate burned green, Sodium burnt red and other metal solutions burned different colours.
We had a great time, and at the end, the teachers even had some fun. Bubbles were filled with gas, which Mr Barker scooped into his wet hands. Then, the science teacher lit the bubbles and the fire went higher than his head.' 
Report written by:
Thomas and Amelia