Gifted and Talented

More talented musicians sharing their skills in assemblies!

Well done to 2 talented pupils who were presented with their Grade 1 Piano Certificates - 1 with Merit and 1 with Distinction!

More Talented pupils! 2 Year 5 pupils shared their Karate experiences and medals at the KS2 assembly! They also organised a quiz with prizes!

The latest Gifted & talented sessions involved Literacy for Year 2, Scientific Art for Years 3&4 and PE (team work) for Years 5&6!

Year 2 Science was the focus of the latest Gifted & Talented session!  The challenge - a science investigation in the style of Cluedo! The children had to carry out an investigation, testing various powders and observing how they reacted with diet coke. The forensic report came through at the end of the session when they had to match their observation notes to the forensic report to see who the criminal was! Very exciting! 

The latest Science Masterclass with Hockley, Ashingdon and Westerings challenged Year 3 & 4 pupils to design and test a new spy parachute!

2 Year 6 Talented Swimmers gave a presentation to the KS2 Assembly! They also showed off all their medals, trophies and cups! More details can be found, here!!

'How can you make a volcano erupt?' That was the challenge for the Year 5&6 pupils attending the Science Masterclass at Ashingdon!

The latest Gifted & Talented sessions involved Year 2 pupils Literacy (writing and presenting poetry), Years 5&6 Drama and Years 3&4 ICT.

The latest Maths Masterclass, hosted by Westerings, involved Years 3&4! 11 eager pupils joined pupils from Hockley, Westerings and Ashingdon for a quiz afternoon!

(more photos added) The latest Gifted & Talented sessions involved Literacy for Years 5&6 (making adverts for a new theme ride) and Maths for Years 3&4  (problem solving) and Literacy for Year 2 (creating their own character hunts)! 

12 Year 5&6 pupils took part in a Maths Masterclass hosted by Hockley. The Masterclass took the form of a 4 round quiz, with teams consisting of a mixture of Plumberow, Hockley, Westerings and Ashingdon pupils.

More Gifted & Talented sessions in January 2015 - Languages for Years 5&6 and Design & Technology for Years 3&4!

The latest Gifted & Talented session was Maths based for Year 2. The session included Tangrams and Sudoku!

At Plumberow, the Gifted & Talented sessions in November saw Year 3 pupils working with Year 5 and Year 4 pupils working with Year 6 on 'Garage Band', an app on the ipad!
Year 2 were set maths challenges!

Another Literacy Masterclass, this time for Years 3&4 hosted by Ashingdon. In this session, pupils wrote their own tricks from 'The Twits'!

Pupils from Ashingdon, Hockley and Westerings joined pupils from Plumberow at a Literacy Masterclass hosted by Plumberow!
It was a close fought contest with the Brilliant Brainies the eventual winners!

A group of Year 6 Gifted & Talented pupils spent a morning at The Apple Store at Lakeside. 

The latest Gifted & Talented involved Year 2 experimenting! Based on the game of Cluedo, the pupils were set the challenge of investigating 'Who stole the Pies'!

Pupils from Ashingdon, Hockley and Westerings joined Plumberow at a Literacy Masterclass hosted by Plumberow.
The Masterclass involved a quiz, with mixed teams answering questions on spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.
After a very close fought battle, the eventual winners were 'The Awesome Team! - How apt!

Literacy was the focus of the latest Gifted & Talented session! The task ... to compile a Poetry Book of Riddles!

The latest Gifted & Talented sessions focused on Maths and Literacy. Mrs Bache's group worked on marketing a new chocolate bar themed around the World Cup; Miss A Jones' group concentrated on story writing and Mrs Marjurum's group had lots of problem solving!

Selected pupils worked on translating 'The Hungry Caterpillar' into French which will be used by Year 1!

Challenges in June included a Creative Challenge, Spanish and Maths!

May Challenges involved Music Technology, P.E and Modern Foreign Languages.

Year 5's at The Apple Store
Selected year 5 pupils had the opportunity to create movie trailers when they visited The Apple Store in Lakeside! They used ipod touches for the filming and then used imovie maker to create the trailers. A fantastic opportunity enjoyed by all those who were lucky enough to go!

The Apple Store do run a 'Summer Camp' at the store to give children the opportunity to experiment with Apple equipment. For further details, click here. From that page, you need to scroll down to 'FOR KIDS' then 'sign in for summer camp'.

Challenges in April concentrated on German, Drama and Maths!

March challenges included year 2 ICT, years 3 and 4 Characterisation (literacy) and years 5 and 6 News Reports with an Olympic theme!

Latest 'Challenge' photos include Money and Fun-Fare Maths in KS1 and Science Experiments in KS1 and KS2!

Selected groups of pupils took part in extra activities including, for Year 2, Darts and Sudoku (Maths), Potion Making (Literacy) for Years 3&4 and a Cluedo Challenge (Maths-problem solving) for Years 5 & 6!

Learning is fun!



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