Foundation Curriculum

The 2017-2018 Curriculum Overview for Foundation can be viewed/downloaded, here. This will give details of areas covered throughout the 2017-2018 Academic Year. 
To find out more information about the curriculum we follow at Plumberow, please speak with a relevant year group teacher or the academy office.

Our 'Early Years Foundation Stage' can be viewed/downloaded, here! This gives details of the Foundation Stage at Plumberow, our vision and values, curriculum, assessment procedures and routines of the day!

A summary of the EYFS Framework for Parents giving lots of information and advice, can be found at
A list of further websites you may find useful, can be found, HERE!

Following the Maths Workshops held in May 2015, please follow the links to view/download the handouts!

Games lessons for Foundation Pupils from September 2017, will be on Friday mornings!

The video shows the building of the 
new Foundation Block from start to finish!

 Foundation Fun      in Their First 
Few Weeks!

Gardening Day!

posted 16 Oct 2017, 08:59 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 16 Oct 2017, 08:59 ]

Foundation pupils have been VERY busy! They had a Gardening Day...
cleaning and tidying their garden areas as well as lots more gardening activities!

Autumn Term 2017! Mrs Middleton's Class!

posted 9 Oct 2017, 10:32 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 9 Oct 2017, 10:32 ]

A very busy start for our new Foundation pupils! Over the last few weeks they have taken part in drama workshops, a phonics hunt in the sand and making some 'junk' models!

Beach Party!

posted 20 Jul 2017, 10:02 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 20 Jul 2017, 10:02 ]

The typical British weather was not going to spoil the Foundation Beach Party!
Sand, bubbles, kites, beach volley ball and ice pops - what could be better!


posted 18 Jul 2017, 06:27 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 10:34 ]

Foundation pupils had a busy, fun week at the end of their first year at Plumberow!! To start with, the had a picnic! They made their own sandwiches, decorated cupcakes (with a parent helper), chopped fruit for a fruit salad and made biscuits and milkshakes for snack! The pupils enjoyed helping prepare ALL their picnic lunch and snack and then the best bit....

Gardening Day 2017!

posted 25 May 2017, 07:13 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 25 May 2017, 07:27 ]

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped at and contributed to, the Foundation Gardening Day! The pupils enjoyed a day of gardening themed activities including making frames and garden decorations as well as helping with the painting, tidying and of course, planting!

Our outside area now looks amazing! Thank You!

Number Work!

posted 3 May 2017, 08:34 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 3 May 2017, 10:08 ]

Mrs Myall's class have been firing at the number targets with water sprays and then adding the numbers together. They used the giant 100 square and the painted numberline in the outside learning area to help calculate the answer!

...right on target!

Maths Workshops!

posted 30 Mar 2017, 13:11 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 1 Apr 2017, 11:36 ]

Foundation parents were invited to join the pupils at Maths Workshops!
Following an explanation of the Foundation Maths Curriculum it was into the classrooms (including the outdoor classroom) for some 'hands on' experience!

Mrs Myall's Class!

Miss Newman's Class!

Mrs Middleton/Mrs Hope's Class!

Thorndon Park!

posted 7 Mar 2017, 10:04 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 7 Mar 2017, 10:59 ]

Foundation pupils enjoyed a FANTASTIC day at Thorndon Park! As part of their Julia Donaldson work, they enjoyed 'Room on the Broom', 'Gruffalo' and lots more activities in glorious sunshine! 

Mrs Myall's Class!

Miss Newman's Class! Photos...

...and Video!

Mrs Hope/Mrs Middleton's Class!

Potions & Spells!

posted 7 Mar 2017, 08:42 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 7 Mar 2017, 08:47 ]

Miss Newman's class have been busy making their potions and creating their spells in their mud kitchen!



posted 28 Feb 2017, 10:19 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 10:20 ]

Mrs Myall's Class have been busy designing pancakes!
They then all enjoyed eating actual pancakes once they had decided on their toppings!


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