Drama Group - December 2017!
A group of children took part in a weekly drama group which culminated in a mini-show in the run-up to Christmas 2017!

Monster Read have announced the launch of their fantastic new game, 'Teach Your Monster to Read 3: Champion Reader' - it’s their biggest adventure yet! 
Sign in and play it today!
  • Build on children’s existing reading knowledge. This new adventure offers extended phonics and reading practice for young learners.
  • Take your monster on a wonderful new adventure. Visit a universe full of dazzling planets and curious characters.
  • Your mission is to defeat the horrible Goblin Prince and become a Champion Reader!
  • Champion Reader is completely free to play online. 

Another very successful Book Fair was held in March 2016! Thank you to everyone who supported this and to the librarians for their help in making the fair a success! The event took £1446.52 which means Plumberow made £807.91 in commission! 
Thank You VERY much for your support!

Book Fair 2016

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported our latest Book Fair at Plumberow! £1099.08 was taken over the period of the 4 days which means Plumberow will benefit from £599.45 worth of books for our library! A HUGE THANK YOU must go to Mrs May and the librarians for overseeing the sessions! THANK YOU!!

Book Fair - March 2015

To celebrate World Book Day Miss B. Jones and her class shared their love of reading in an assembly to KS1 pupils! KS2 pupils watched a live link to Frank Lampard talking about how he took up writing again and became a successful author! (until the technology unfortunatey failed!)

KS1 World Book Day Assembly!

More information and photos of the Years 5&6 and 3&4 Literacy Masterclasses with the local schools held at and Ashingdon, can be viewed, here! 

A HUGE THANK YOU for supporting our Book Fair which raised over £1,062! This has given Plumberow over £637 commission to spend on books for our library!
Thank you to Mrs May for organising and manning the event all week!

Book Fair Sept 2014


WOW!!! £1299.28 was raised from the Readathon that took place during Book Week! WELL DONE!!

The Certificate of Achievement can be viewed, here!

Scroll Down for Book Week News!

Our aims in teaching Literacy are that all children will:
  • develop the necessary skills to use the English language confidently, appropriately, and accurately to the best of their ability;
  • be able to speak clearly and fluently;
  • be able to listen to the spoken word attentively with understanding and pleasure;
  • be literate.
A useful website for parents, giving information regarding reading which is linked to the National Literacy Trust website, can be found here! This shows parents what children should be aiming for in their reading

Reading Schemes

In Foundation, we use the 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters and Sounds' phonics schemes. The 'Letters and Sounds' scheme is then followed through into Year 1
A number of reading schemes are used within Foundation and KS1 (as well as a variety of other books), including Bug Club, Project X and Oxford Reading Tree.
Useful Websites - Phonics Play
                           Letters and Sounds
                           Teach Your Monster to Read

In KS2, we again use several different schemes (as well as other reading material), including Big Cat Collins 

Literacy Masterclass

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Author - Years 5&6

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A number of children from Years 5&6 were invited to meet with the author, Laura Dockrill at Greensward Academy.
Students from Greensward together with pupils from Westerings and Plumberow, took part in a question and answer session with the author, who talked about writing books and (hopefully) inspired the audience!
Laura Dockrill then signed copies of her books which had been purchased by the children.
Authors of the future!

Author - Years 5&6

Book Week 2014

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(more photos added) To end Book Week, pupils (and staff) were encouraged to dress up as their favourite Book Character! There were some FANTASTIC costumes on display as the children (and staff) paraded around the playground in front of parents!


During the day, lessons went on as normal, but there was also some fun and games!

(more photos added) Plumberow also had a number of other Book Activities including classes 'Buddying Up' to share favourite books and stories.
These photos are of Year 5 pupils 'Buddying' with Year 3 pupils!

Reading is FUN!!

Plumberow also held a Book Fair! MANY thanks to your generosity - Over £1300 was raised which meant Plumberow had over £725 to spend on books!!


Dress Up for Book Day - Parade!

More Book Characters!

Reading Buddies Years 3&5

World Book Day - Reading Buddies

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As part of the celebrations for World Book Day, Plumberow Pupils have 'Buddied' with other classes to share and read their favourite books . All classes have thoroghly enjoyed these sessions, which will become a regular event over the next few months.
  • Mrs. Jestico's class 'buddied' with Mrs. Arrowsmith and Mrs. Marjurum's class
  • Mrs. Jeans' class 'buddied' with Miss Lane's class
  • Mrs. Hebon's class 'buddied' with Miss A. Jones' class
  • Miss Talbut's class 'buddied' with Miss B. Jones' class
  • Mrs. Guy's class 'buddied' with Mr. Buckle's class
  • Mrs. Iles' class 'buddied' with Mrs. Bolton's class
  • Mrs. Paterson's class 'buddied' with Mrs. Middleton and Mrs. Jeffries' class
  • Miss Smith's class 'buddied' with Mrs. Newson's class and
  • Miss Ellis' class 'buddied' with Miss Callis' class!
All pupils enjoyed sharing their books and discussing why their chosen one was their favourite!

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