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House Points

Plumberow Primary Academy House Points

A new House Points system has been introduced at Plumberow Academy.
All children are placed into one of four Houses, with siblings in the same House. Once in a House, all children will then remain in that House for their time at Plumberow. The Houses are named after local woods found close to the Academy - Hockley, Betts, Beckney and Maryland. The names were decided by the pupils, who voted from a top eight of selections put forward in a whole Academy competition. Each House was then allocated a colour:
  • Hockley – Red
  • Betts – Yellow
  • Beckney – Green
  • Maryland  Blue
House points can be awarded in class for excellent work, good behaviour and conduct around the Academy. They can also be awarded in Games lessons. House captains have been selected in Year 2, 4 and 6, with a boy and girl captain for each House in the three Year groups. House captains are responsible for collecting the weekly totals in every Year.

A weekly leaderboard is updated with the winning Houses and at the end of term, the House in each Year group with the most weekly wins, gains a reward for their success. These totals will also be noted on the weekly Newsletter and on the website. Pupils also compete in their Houses on Sports Day.

Congratulations to the House Captains for 2015-2016!

Year 2 -   Betts       -     Alexa Myall                         Year 4 - Betts   -       Libby Cooper                      Year 6  -    Betts  -     Emma Clark
                                   Rowan Mason                                                     Henry Dean                                                        Ryley Walder

               Beckney  -    Bethany Dossor                                Beckney -    Eve Robinson                                     Beckney -  Sienna Lyddon
                                   Eddie Wheeler                                                     Harry Wheeler                                                     Harry Peacham

               Maryland -    Claudia-Rose Cordess                        Maryland -    Annabel Rayner                                  Maryland -  Katie Drewitt
                                  Josh Mills                                                             Mikey Goodwin                                                    Lewis Williams

               Hockley   -    Poppy Freeman                                 Hockley -    Jessica Spencer                                  Hockley -    Alysia Cardy
                                   Josh Smith                                                         Storm Becks                                                         Josef Leverington


Their role will include collecting all of the House Points each week for our Celebration Assemblies, and being Captains on Sports Day (in the summer term)

House Points - Week Ending 1st July-  Year 1 - Maryland 
                                                         Year 2 - Betts
                                                         Year 3 - Hockley
                                                         Year 4 - Maryland
                                                         Year 5 - Beckney
                                                         Year 6 - Maryland