PE Challenge Day!

posted 29 Jun 2017, 03:10 by Sheila Bacon   [ updated 29 Jun 2017, 09:53 ]
12 Plumberow Year 2s, 6 girls and 6 boys, went to Greensward Academy to take part in a PE Challenge Day.
They were joined by 6 children from Westerings, 5 from Hockley, and 4 from Ashingdon.
The idea of the day was for the 4 schools to come together and work with each other whilst taking part in sporting activities.
During the day, in mixed teams, 6 teams in total, the pupils took part in different sports, testing themselves in a team and individually.
The children took part in:
A Warm up, Putting, Frisbee Dodge Howler Throwing, Long jump, Diamond Cricket
Rob the Nest, A Gutter race, Blob Race and Square Relay Race!
The children continued on each activity until they fully understood the game, and how to get the best results,
Each child from each School was a great example and each School can feel very proud of them!
A presentation at the end of the day saw the children awarded with a certificate and Multi-Skill medal.
A special mention must go out to the Greensward Year 9s who helped out throughout a very, tiring, rewarding, skillful day!!'
(level 2 - intra)
(report from Mr Toovey)