County Finals!

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'The Team that won the Castle point Hockey tournament traveled to Felsted to play in the Hockey County Finals. Arriving at the School the first thing that dawned on us was the amazing facilities! We were taking part in some real Hockey, against some very good Schools.
We were divided into two groups of 10, with each team playing each other once, then the winners and runners up playing each other in a semi-final - first in one group against 2nd in another, and then 3rd and 4th from each group playing each other to establish 3rd place.
We were a bit naive to start, sticks up, waiting for the ball, ball watching, leaving players and not shutting down in the scoring zone. Infact, after the 1st game I thought we were going to be in for a very tough morning. But, the team grew into the tournament, and started to show that they had played the game before, and really started to cause the opposition some concern!
Results of our day were as follows.
St Thomas 3v0 Plumberow 
Alleyn Court 3v0 Plumberow
Elmwood 3v0 Plumberow
Rickling 0v1 Plumberow
After the first one, the games were quite evenly matched, and the scores do not reflect the game.
We finished 4th in our group, and went on to play against the 4th of the other group.
Bournes Green 2v1 Plumberow
An enjoyable morning (mostly in the rain) we finished in 6th position out of 10 Schools.
The Plumberow children played some great Hockey against some very strong Schools, and their behaviour was exemplary!'
(level 3 - county)

Our Hockey Heroes!

Hockey Tournament 2017

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5 girls and 5 boys took part in a Hockey Tournament organised by the School Sports Partnership held at Clements Hall Leisure Centre on their new 3G pitch.
Plumberow joined 4 other schools, - Wyburns, William Reed, Grove Wood and Westerings (who entered 2 teams).
All  teams played each other once, in a round robin format, with each game 8 minutes long, 4 minutes each half.
William Reed 0v4 Plumberow
Plumberow  2v0 Westerings(2)
Wyburns 1v3 Plumberow
Westerings(1) 0v6 Plumberow
Grove Wood 1v2  Plumberow
Never losing a game (A FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT), Plumberow scored 17 and conceded only 2!
Plumberow now go on to play in the County Finals!
(report by Mr Toovey)
(level 2 - Inter)

An excellent job - WELL DONE!!
'On Tuesday 7th February, the year 5 and year 6 Hockey team went to Clements Hall for a tournament. There were 6 teams including Plumberow and Plumberow came first. The team did really well, they only conceded 2 goals and scored 17. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they appreciate Mr Toovey taking them to the tournament and having a wonderful time. They earned medals and a trophy and they will be going to the Essex County final!'
Report by Toby Wadsworth and Harry Shephard

Hockey Tournament

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2 teams of 7 Year 5&6 pupils represented Plumberow at a Hockey Tournament organised by the School Sports Partnership and hosted by King Edmund School. Plumberow took part with Grove Wood, Wyburns and Watermans, in a number of games, showing some fantastic play from everyone, with our teams finishing 2nd and 4th!
Well Played!!

Hockey Tournament

Hockey v Grove Wood

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3 teams from Plumberow took on 3 teams from Grove Wood in friendly matches at Plumberow!
Although a relatively new sport for Plumberow, the Hockey players are showing great skill and enthusiasm!!
(Inter school - level 2)


Hockey v Grove Wood

Hockey Finals!

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to the Hockey Team who represented Plumberow in the County Finals!
They put on a GREAT performance (and actually beat the team who eventually won)!
(level 3 - County)

A New sport for Plumberow!

Hockey Tournament

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2 teams from Plumberow took part in a Hockey Tournament organised by the Deanes Sport Partnership, and held at King Edmund. 


Hockey Tournament

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