Year 4 v Ashingdon (friendly)

posted 7 Dec 2017, 03:53 by Sheila Bacon
'A team of Year 4s went to Ashingdon to play a friendly football game 
The Year 4s have not played in a team together so it was going to be a test for them.
The game kicked off and Ashingdon straight away showed they had a few players who could play.
Plumberow spent most of the first half trying to get out of their penalty box, and this happened time and time again. Due to the relentless pressure, goals were scored, including a wonderful strike which hit the far corner with a nice swerve.
So 4v0 down at half time, and really all that could be said was that we needed to push further up the pitch and create problems.
We started well and a fine run from Mia Hawkins finished with the ball ⚽️ in the bottom corner, 4v1.
But the game continued to be dominated by Ashingdon and eventually another two goals were scored.
The game finished Ashingdon 6v1 Plumberow.
A great effort by Plumberow and a return fixture has been asked for & agreed'.
(report by Mr Toovey)
(level 2 - inter)